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I think of death it calms me down.

Posted in digressions with tags , , on April 9, 2011 by pimpmybricks

I have just returned from a day’s potting, and I am bent over like Quasimodo.  Over the last eight weeks, on a Monday night, I have struggled and laboured to make eight mugs of similar size and shape.  They are done and they resemble elephant’s feet with jug-ears. Maybe I had in mind something more along the lines of Rachel Kneebone’s exquisite grotesqueries, like Meissen confections of death and sadness and sex.  The titles are like short poems.  Almost enough in themselves.

The Descent

I know beauty through fear.

Eyes that look closely at wounds themselves are wounded.

I think of death it calms me down.

I will console myself with the fact that you can’t drink coffee out of them.