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Happy Holidays

Posted in Photo shoots with tags , , , on December 24, 2011 by pimpmybricks

Goodness – it appears to be Christmas! These last few weeks got  themselves all concertinaed together and great slices of time have disappeared down dusty folds.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who visits this blog and listens to me rabbiting on about the house and sundry assorted etceteras – I can’t think why you do but I’m very glad you do.  And thanks especially to those of you who leave comments – they mean a lot to me.  I hope Santa brings you good things (good by your own definition).

For a moment there, I thought I’d be writing a post to say that our present house has sold.   A pair  of judges (a bench of judges? a wiggery? a gavel? an inn?) took a fancy to it on the second open day and made an offer there and then.  But it didn’t quite blow our skirts up far enough and so there was a bit of a negotiation-shuffle back and forth for a few days.  In the end they seem to have floated off.  So nup. We are now trying to be brave and believe another, better, offer will come and are busy boffing down the anxiety that is melting internal seams.

So with stress levels soaring and new strains of madness erupting, what did we decide to do?  Go to the farm and rusticate for a while? Bathe in chlorophyl?  Watch the grass grow, be eaten by cows and grow again?  Not on your nelly.  On Saturday we are galloping off to the UK for a month, where we will careen up and down motorways visiting family and being busy. Harvey Nicks sale.  Liberty.  And that clear, ringing winter cold that feels like being in a bell jar.  And then, when we’ve done that for a while,  we’ll come back and have more house viewings. Rinse and repeat until either sale or defeat is called.

Now then.  To serious matters. It seems to be convention in blogland to have Christmassy vignettes  and corners of one’s house festooned about the place,  but what with the quite dangerously anal level of cleaning that’s been going on around here, not much Christmas titivating has been happening.  But that doesn’t matter because  I had the forethought instead to arrange for the Inside Out crew to come and  do a few snaps of the Regency Wreck.  Happy Holidays!

chickens, wordlessness, pictures and bridesmaids.

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A piece of chicken I ill-advisedly ate in Canberra has left me drained of words (and euphemisms). Instead, here are the pictures from July’s Issue of Country Style magazine, shot at the house.  Do you think the model looks a smidge grumpy?  They all seem to. Maybe it’s the dust and dirt and Hanging Ceilings of Babylon what does it.

The picture above was taken in what I HOPE will be the top floor bathroom.  I’m presently looking for baths anyway.  With my fingers crossed.

Taken (above) on the top floor landing.  That bunch of fake yellow orchids seems to have insinuated itself into most of the pictures.  Its friend was a birdless birdcage but that seems to have got lost. 

 On the stairs in front of the jungle lav.


Sometimes I feel destined for life as an eternal bridesmaid. You know, sidekick to the fab and the glam.

A while back I took my Linn Sondek into an audio shop for repair, and from the excited attention it received from the staff you’d have thought I’d taken in an ageing star of the silver screen.  It happens when I walk Remington, who also draws crowds like a (very unassuming) minor celebrity.  And recently we got a letter from a journalist on the Sydney Morning Herald, wondering whether we’d be willing to do a series of articles about our journey with the house. We would, I think.

Actually all the talk of bridesmaidism is disingenuous because I hate to the be the centre of attention.  To the point where, submitting to my mother’s desire for pictorial news when we moved here from London,  I used to don a vast feather hat for the videotapes.  I know, something I should have taken to my training analyst. So anyway, when we received a call from Grand Designs a while back, my heart skipped a fretful beat. Mr Pimp contacted them way back when, in the first flush of enthusiasm after the auction.  We didn’t hear and we didnt hear and we didn’t hear a bit more, and assumed they were not interested.  Then we forgot about them completely. Mr P is still keen, and Ms P is keen, which is fine, but they’re not HERE (or won’t be) and so it would be me left to rabbit on in front of the camera. Anathema!  Could I fish out my feather hat again, maybe?  A veil?

Remington is, as you can see, terribly excited by it all.

No idle claim

Posted in Photo shoots with tags , , on March 22, 2011 by pimpmybricks

So, just to show the title of this blog is no idle boast, no whimsical piece of flim-flammery, I have been pimping the house for photo shoots.  Mostly because I love it and want everyone in the world to see it. Last week Mark, from searchpartylocations came around and took many photographs for his records, and this week we have two fashion shoots happening.  Since the government still technically owns the house for another two months,  permissions had to be secured.  I think they’d have preferred an historical tv drama to lurex leggings, but they’re down with it.

Here are some of Mark’s photographs. They almost make me want to not renovate, but the idea of falling through floors knocks the romantic out of me. 

I tried to crop the watermark out, but then the proportions weren’t  good.  So if watermarks are the price of better photographs,  I’ll live with it.

I like that one.  It shows the subsidence, termite damage and damp off to advantage.

That wall on the left is wooden framed convict bricks.  There’s a technical name for it which I can’t remember.  The bricks were never fired to high enough temperatures and over time tend to crumble to a fine, red dust.  What with that and the neurotic stone, you wonder where it’s all heading.  In fact you know where it’s all heading – so you wonder when.  And then you try not to fret.

There are many more.  But I’m tired of cutting and pasting.  For now.