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Done deed.

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Well. It’s all over Red Rover.  We are now one house and several megatons of stress lighter.

For a while there it seemed things were set to end not with a bang but with that damned proverbial whimper.  Our five likely bidders dwindled to a measly two over the course of the day.  One couldn’t get their finances in time, another was in floods over the phone; one simply vanished from the face of the earth.   What promised to be a jolly old bunfight was more an embarrassed cough in an auction room long on seats and short on bums.  A few people sat around on their hands and with their eyes averted, trying to be invisible. It looked like a group therapy gathering for the chronically absent.

BUT!  The auctioneer was wonderful, chatting them up, teasing them, cajoling them. The bidders found their voices, had a polite grapple and we achieved a sum almost exactly midway between our best and worst estimates.  We were happy!

So, in terms of the Regency Wreck…  Thunderbirds are Go!!!

Yesterday we interviewed a builder and the talk on the street is that he will start in a week’s time.

We are now on the hunt for somewhere to live for nine months.  If anyone knows of a sheltered corner for rent where we might park ourselves, our chattels and The Herberts, do say.

The Herberts at home.

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We took the Herberts (the dogs) to meet the new house today.  Specifically, to encounter the phenomenon of stairs.  Mayhem ensued.  At least there wasn’t any decor they could damage.

The rugs and chairs are preliminary little presents to the house.  Libations.  Declarations of intent.  The rug was from ebay – for sixty bucks an almost new wool Pakistani rug, hand-made, going cheap because, the ad said,  their cat chewed the binding on two edges.  It also said “Cat, now deceased”.  We did wonder.  The chairs, also Ebay, cost even less than the rug.

My usual photographic dunceness notwithstanding, it was hard to get a picture of Ella (aka Elsie) because she had ants in her pants. Both of the dogs are from the pound and we’re Elsie’s fifth home.  She comes with somewhat anty baggage.  Big Boy, though, he way too cool for baggage.  Or ants.

Big Boy aka Remington.