The King is dead – long live the King!

If, like Mr Big here, you’re plum-tuckered out from all the partying, renovating, or just plain whatevering,  I wish you a chill New Year’s Day.  The chillest.


To everyone who reads this blog, who trots along with me on this lunatic steeplechase journey of ups and downs, who forgives my periods of silence while missing in action, who nudges me when I’ve been silent too long – thank you.  Thank you for your patience, your advice and your humour.  Gawd knows, I need all three! May this coming new year bring us all goodly dollops of health, fortitude, generosity, and a lot of what we wish for. X

14 Responses to “The King is dead – long live the King!”

  1. I hope 2013 includes some surfing in living Australian waters for me – there’s nothing like it, oh to be dumped again, and come up with my hair and mouth full of sand! Here’s to happy outcomes!

    • I hope it does too. Mouthfuls of sand – who wouldn’t fly across the planet for that? You make it sound so…attractive!

      If you’re coming to Sydney I’ll peg off a bit of beach for you.

  2. And to you! Loving the journey….personally love gaps so I don’t miss anything….H

    • Thank you Ms Jungle – I’ve been enjoying the London shots. It all looks so deliciously cold. And why else have those afternoons which get dark after lunch if not to highlight all the street decorations?

  3. haha! what a grrreat photo of big R
    danes… they’re just SO rock and roll
    welcome all to 2013
    F, DG & little Ralphonzo xx

    • Oh yars, very Elvis they are.
      So glad to see that the coalface hasn’t swallowed you whole. And I hope the champagne cabby got a bit of a workout over the break. Hope to see you all in April. XX

  4. Same to you Mrs. Pimpy! Regarding the gaps, I’ve got more than an 8 year old grin. I believe in gaps. Why write when you have nothing to say? Happy New Year and this time next year who knows what sort of wild ride we will have shared. Have the best year ever!
    You are quite more than virtual,

    • Truth is, I’ve usually got LOTS to say but it’s all a little blue! Or grumpy. Missives from the troll under the bridge just ain’t how it’s done in blawgland. Have a great year ahead Liz. Thanks for finding me last year and for all your support and humour and spirit XX

  5.  Thank you dear P. May your New Year be as fabulous as you deserve it…, happy, healty and productive. My best wishes to you and your family ! Hugs Lori  


    • I wonder if I might have a New Year just a bit better than I actually deserve? That would be good. And I’ll try to be better next year. The best year for you, dear Lori XXXXX

  6. Thank you for your New Year wishes and all the best for a productive year ahead. I can’t say much else as I am still trying to come to terms with “that bath” from the previous post.

  7. Found you via ITLF…..LOVE your blog! Happy New Year, and I look forward to following your adventures…..k

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