Rush rushery and a few ‘during’s.

Enter stage right, a small figure scuttling beyond the spotlight to slide a wrapped package unobtrusively onto the floor .

Greets, Ladles and Jellyspoons. I know! I’m late as the proverbial plate yet again, and this is my very last chance to slide a leetle sumsing in before most of the world shuts down tomorrow.  Apols for going awols.  You know the drill by now. You’ve read the headlines so many times before – “Struggling restorers sink into pits of black despair as more termite damage and cracked lintels are uncovered in inner Sydney Regency Wreck…”  It being blogland and all, and moreover blogland approaching Christmas, I have been loathe to come and spread my glooms abaht the place.  No Bah Humbuggery here!


But wait, because in amongst all the doom and gloom, in all the tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth (they are mere stumps I tell you),  there has been the occasional sighting of that rare and lesser spotted beast – p.r.o.g.r.e.s.s.  Which is serendipitous because I’ve received a few requests for during shots and I’m nothing if not attentive to requests (unless, of course, you require me to don tutu and dance the Nutcracker Suite, in which case I would have to demur in the cause of Public Order).


Tubby strictly honest I’ve also dawdled a bit because progress shots are so…well… incomplete somehow and every time Ive seen said piece of modest progress I’ve had the feeling that if I only waited another day or so those tiles may have been cleaned of grout to reveal their lustrous sheen, or the showers might have arrived. Or this or that or the other.  But work has now stopped for the holidays and nothing will happen until the New Year, and so without further procrastination I offer up a few morsels for your delectation.

But because we’re in the act of flinging a few things into bags and scurrying up to the farm, I’ll spread them over a few days, if that’s permissible.  Herewith, today’s little ration.

This unprepossessing little room was earmarked by HRH Princess Pimp as her bathroom:

G's bathroom

She wanted it dark.  And by gum she’s getting it dark:

g's tiles

Those tiles – they are tho thexy. The patch of light you can see to the left is the window in the pic above, which will be transformed into steel and glass doors onto a tiny Juliet Balcony from where, if you turn your head to the right, you’ll get an eyeful of the Harbour Bridge.  This was granted us by the Powers That Be because there was once a balcony on the back bit of the house.  Precedence – thou art a wondrous thing.

g's tiles 2

And while we’re on the subject of tiles, let me show you this place of unaccustomed glam, which is the en suite.  The very en suite which, if you remember that far back,  may never have come to pass.  Which may have remained, if the purists had ruled the day, a mere twinkle in my eye as I hauled myself down four flights to use the bucket in the back garden.

This is it before:

en suite before

We would have preferred to keep the wooden floor but here in Uh Straya such things are verboten.  We bought the limestone tiles as a job lot for $50 a crate at a rather sad liquidation sale a couple of years ago. In the cause of full disclosure I should say sad for them, lustful for us.

en suite 2

Avec crazy bath and the fireplace stripped back to metal:

ensuite 3

et the lav and basin:



These are the very tiles which are still smeared with dried grout and don’t yet reveal their shimmery glory, but here’s a patch that have been cleaned:

ensuite tilesI must admit that when I first saw the bathrooms I was a little shocked.  I feared we had imposed too much on the house and felt we should maybe have found a way to minimise our impact.  But someone said the other night that they could still see the beauty of the rooms, even though they’ve been rendered functional, and  I was glad to hear that.

So anyway.  That’s the lot for today.  I sit here in my pre-breakfast frowsiness on the unmade bed while the day outside gathers itself for a full-frontal furnace assault. I must up, up and away before the roads melt and become a shimmering mirage.  Laters, potaters XX


19 Responses to “Rush rushery and a few ‘during’s.”

  1. For those of us who are following you, we never miss the latest edition! This is so exciting. We have gone from hurry up and wait to real progress and beauty. Oh that smashing bath. Merry, merry!

  2. “Tho Thexy Tiles” I thought – “is that some cutting edge material I haven’t heard of yet?” Yes.
    It looks magical, why would you opt for bland? That wouldn’t be worthy of the Pimp vision! Theres a time and a place for impact, and you are making it.

  3. Thank you for the update, it is all very exciting especially as I stumbled onto your blog to wish you a merry christmas, not realising that there was a new post. I love the bath, it is so shiny, and I am in awe of the shiny shiny tiles. No utility nonsense going on in Pimpsville.
    so happy christmas to you and the family, have a good one, and heres to the new year.

  4. Thecthy and very very thpethul, as the archangel Gabriel would say. And real progress! You have put such a lot of thought into your beautiful house and it is scrubbing up quite marvellous! (but where’s my room?). Have a great Christmas! x

  5. luscious tiles, gorgeous chrome – will you be able to use the fireplace while reclining with a glass of fizz?

  6. Yes, yes, yes! I know you didn’t ask a question but that’s my hearty approval of your bathrooms.
    Enjoy your Christmas on the farm. And wishing you lots of good things and lucky breaks with the regency wreck. xx

  7. Margaret Bishop Says:

    Dear Pimp Family,
    Take heart the wonderous house is rewarding you and there will be an end to your angst. I have “bathroom envy.” Somehow the top bathroom compliments what I see as a very elegant couple. You have definitely kept the major rooms intact and coaxed the minor rooms into functions of this century while reviving their beauty.
    2013 will be the year of living graciously.

    A Happy New Year to you and we will love having you as neighbours.

    • Ah, you’re good for the flagging spirit, you are. Thank you for the lovely things you say. We too look forward hugely to having you as neighbours. I hope your Christmas was good and that your New Year will be even better. I feel you are at the start of something with your house and I can’t wait to see its transformation. I’m especially keen to see where colour settles. I think it will be even more beautiful than it is now – if that’s possible. Sounds like hyperbole but you know my love affair with your house. XOXOXO

  8. my bathroom is tres purdy!

  9. Deb Genua Says:

    Happy New Year to you and Regency Wreck. Adore your choices for RW and just what the Wreck was requesting – good thing you are channeling her ( him? Seems like a “her” to me). Those sounds you are hearing are sighs of relief, no more groans of neglect. I can hear her all the way to Denver and she LOVES you! Hugs, Deb

    • Hey Deb. Thanks for your lovely message – it’s good to hear because I do suffer pangs of doubt about whether what’s right for us is also right for the house (and most people do seem to think of it as a ‘her’). Happy New Year to you. x.

  10. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over
    again. Anyhow, just wanted to say great blog!

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