Enter stage right…

I’d planned to sit down this afternoon and write a leisurely post, but a protracted experiment has left me with time only to puff on, stage right, tell you that I am guest blogging (very grown up) over at the extremely kind and supportive Liz’s Dovecote Decor…and then calumph off, stage left for a pressing engagement.

 More on which tomorrow.



6 Responses to “Enter stage right…”

  1. Glad to have found you and then I see that you have hooked up with the fabulous Liz of Dovecote Decor! Kismet…glad to be along for the ride.

    • Hello hello! I’m glad you found me too and yes, Liz has come and dug me out of my hole, which I’m very happy about. Intrigued by the name of your blog and look forward to having a browse tomorrow.

  2. You are such a delight to read. I so enjoyed your guest post…I hope the Regency wreck is behaving itself and is progressing well. xx

  3. My friends are loving your blog. Thank you for the respite!

    • Anytime Liz. Thanks so much for asking me – it felt very grown up! I hope things are aligning themselves now, and the catching up is less pressured.

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