The best laid plans.

The removal men were booked for 7.00am today.

But it has been raining overnight.  Rain of quite biblical proportions.

So seven o clock rolled along and  they came, they saw, and then they left again.  I am presently sitting on a bare mattress, its companion sheets stuffed somewhere in one of a million anonymous boxes, unlocatable.

We will try again tomorrow.  And if the heavens have not yet emptied themselves utterly, we might have to try making one of these

out of these

There’s bound to be a utube video to show us how.


14 Responses to “The best laid plans.”

  1. As we say in the South: “Bless your sweet little heart.” The rain will end and you will find more treasures.

  2. The animals went two by two. So lets hope the second day is fine.
    A bit wet as a comment.

  3. Here is a really good opportunity to sit on your mattress and comtemplate life, the move, the future, the past. And if you can find a bottle and pour yourself a drink some mighty fine “thinking” can be achieved. Good luck tomorrow, I think the forecast is hail.

    • Yep, and thunderbolts too, hurld headlong from th’ethereal skie, with hideouse ruin and combustion down to bottomless perdition. But while I’m waiting for that I’m eating almonds on the bed and thinking, and pottering about with a paintbrush dobbing bits of missing paint on the walls.

  4. I’ll send out the doves. That should do the trick. xx

  5. How frustrating…hope you have better luck today. What’s the silver lining to the cloud?

    • THanks Ruth. The silver lining was the tempestuous sea just down the road which, had the move gone ahead, would not have been down the road being tempestuous.

      • Tempests of any kind are intriguing, and weather changes are quite emotive aren’t they. Rain, associated with sadness for some reason, can actually be so restorative and the electricity of a storm can be very exciting. You posted on my blog. I can’t reply being a newbie on a mac. But thanks for the kind comments. I love your blog, being fascinated by houses, buildings (old) and renovation. Have you read Spitalfields Life? All about old London. Right up your alley!

      • I’m a Mac newbie too – the syling is beautiful but the terrain alien.

        And I have found Spitalfields Life and love it!

  6. one begins to wonder what has happened to you, are you still sitting on the unmade bed, waiting for the tempest to stop so the removal men can do their worst, or has some other calamity occurred. The non-blogging is worrysome.

    • Hey Rosa, how lovely to find your message. Thank you. And good timing too. I have been girding my loins to bash a post out. It’s been a looooooooong process, this moving business, and I’ve been ill, but things are levelling out and I shall get all verbose again.

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