Happy Holidays

Goodness – it appears to be Christmas! These last few weeks got  themselves all concertinaed together and great slices of time have disappeared down dusty folds.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who visits this blog and listens to me rabbiting on about the house and sundry assorted etceteras – I can’t think why you do but I’m very glad you do.  And thanks especially to those of you who leave comments – they mean a lot to me.  I hope Santa brings you good things (good by your own definition).

For a moment there, I thought I’d be writing a post to say that our present house has sold.   A pair  of judges (a bench of judges? a wiggery? a gavel? an inn?) took a fancy to it on the second open day and made an offer there and then.  But it didn’t quite blow our skirts up far enough and so there was a bit of a negotiation-shuffle back and forth for a few days.  In the end they seem to have floated off.  So nup. We are now trying to be brave and believe another, better, offer will come and are busy boffing down the anxiety that is melting internal seams.

So with stress levels soaring and new strains of madness erupting, what did we decide to do?  Go to the farm and rusticate for a while? Bathe in chlorophyl?  Watch the grass grow, be eaten by cows and grow again?  Not on your nelly.  On Saturday we are galloping off to the UK for a month, where we will careen up and down motorways visiting family and being busy. Harvey Nicks sale.  Liberty.  And that clear, ringing winter cold that feels like being in a bell jar.  And then, when we’ve done that for a while,  we’ll come back and have more house viewings. Rinse and repeat until either sale or defeat is called.

Now then.  To serious matters. It seems to be convention in blogland to have Christmassy vignettes  and corners of one’s house festooned about the place,  but what with the quite dangerously anal level of cleaning that’s been going on around here, not much Christmas titivating has been happening.  But that doesn’t matter because  I had the forethought instead to arrange for the Inside Out crew to come and  do a few snaps of the Regency Wreck.  Happy Holidays!


13 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. enJOY your respite from the stress. I’ve been there with a house on the market for 18 months-I just kept telling myself people did not understand the house, (how could they? too much Me!) Happy Christmas and Cheers to a New Year, pgt

    • 18 months? But you are not a gibbering wreck! Far from it. I hope this house was one in the past and that you’re not going through this purgatory now. Happy Christmas PGT, and all the best for the coming year. PP.

  2. Ha! You’re not called pimpmybricks for nothin’! Merry Christmas and enjoy your UK sojourn. xx

  3. The inside out shoot is so cool, Maybe they would come to my house next year? p’rhaps not. Hope the house selling is sorted soon, I would happily never do it again ever, if I had my way. Have a jolly old wintery time in England, and Happy and less stressful New year to you.

    • You’d need to get your house listed with a locations agent – they need all sorts. We had a Harpers Bazaar shoot last week for the March edition, which I’m looking forward to, but I think it’ll be the last. Happy New Year to you too, and may there be no moving houses in it!

  4. Loved the photo shoot which makes a great blog Christmas card.

    Hope the house sells while you do not have your mind on it. Very sensible to go off to the UK to take your thoughts on to other things. We sold one of our houses while we were away (much too stressed to stay around and far too much cleaning to make the house look as though we didn’t inhabit it) the agent and the prospective buyers thought that we were just playing cool. Little did the know!

    We wish you a very Happy New Year and buckets of luck to you and yours. Looking forward to a catch-up over a cuppa.

    • Oh, it would be so good if the house sold while we were away! Or at all, really (though that’s defeatist thinking and I’ll slap it away). If it happened for you, maybe it may happen for us.

      And the very best of New Years to both of you too with your beautiful, beautiful house and everything else as well. Cuppa – yes!

  5. Thanks for visiting our blog. I enjoy your witty repartee. I will pass this one on.

  6. O.K. , enjoy is the wrong word. I read every, single post–which I have only done once. I have now come full circle. I cannot get enough of your writing, ergo I shall subscribe. I am also glad I do not have to prove that I am human when I comment. It is a terrible challenge.

    • What a wonderful comment to wake up to on a blustery Thursday morning. Thank you so much. I hope me an’ my blog won’t disappoint you, though for a while it’ll be even more sporadic than usual because I’m going away for five weeks. And I think your last sentence more than settles the humanness issue!

  7. Dear darl..thank you for your good wishes and the best ones to you and your family. The house is too lovely for words and I adore your blog !

    I created one but have been too busy (read : lazy) to actively post. If you get a chance, check out another blog in which I sometimes participate, it is also here on WP called 20 Lines.

    All the best and the rest via email .
    Happy New Year !

    • There you are! I thought you’d fallen off the radar. Is lovely to hear from you and I’ll go and check your blog as soon as I’m not on a borrowed dinosaur XX

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