To breathe out into calm.

If the first rule of blogging is to be positive and the fifth law is that the ratio of difficulty posting is proportionate to time elapsed between posts – well then, a lot of silence can happen.

But enough of all that – Mr Pimp is, as I type ,winging his way back from Singapore (the silver lining in the cloud of financial collapse).  As well as that,  our house is getting ready for sale  in the next couple of weeks, and there are paint pots and wet dogs and steam machines all tumbling chaotically towards the deadline.

So, by way of buying myself a plot of peace, here are a few pictures from my ‘dark room’ cache.  And the common denominator?  Stillness.  Do you see leaking roofs, spooned floorboards, chipped paintwork, spiders’ webs, torn lampshades, fly-blown blinds, dying plants, grimy tiles or grubby grouting – all clamouring to be seen to – in these photos?

Do you see gob-spattered walls courtesy of Remington Pollack?  Gouged floors courtesy of his smaller, more anxious friend?

Do you see the army of solid burghers all come to fix said ailments – the estate agents, the painters, the gardeners, the house washers, the floor sanders, the window cleaners?

No, nor do I!

I see acres of calm space.  I see a modicum of intersecting lines, but not so many that they intersect thoughts.  I see a bed on which it might be possible to read a poem, where each word might inhabit its own unrushed space and images unspool at their own unrushed leisure.

(The interesting question, with all this yearning for peace, of course,  is why I dream of one life while busily making another one entirely.)

Could I live in this house?  As work on the RW gets closer (whatever you do,  don’t mention the money with which to do the work!) the style becomes a more pressing consideration.  At the moment, it seems to boil down to this – whether to dress the house up or down.

I’d love to credit these pictures but the only annotation in my file is ‘voorhaven’ which is, to say the least, a bit mysterious.  So, usual apologies for usual slack tartishness. It looks very Belgian, though, don’t you think?

Edit –

The pictures are of the home of artist & interior designer Monique Meij-Beekman. Her website is Voorhaven 7 . Photos are by Jan Luijk.

Thanks Jo.


8 Responses to “To breathe out into calm.”

  1. It looks like everything has been placed in large vat of grey dye. The mood and tone resonate with me as I like the drabness and mystery that the use of natural light gives to the images. There is a very little dutch master feel to the darkness of the pictures and perhaps they reflect the mood of Madam Pimp?

    I would like to think that life could be so spare. But with boxes of belongings under desks, behind lounges etc its an impossibility. This morning we looked at a box containing cartoon drawings done by John’s 93 year old uncle when he was in 3B at Newtown Primary. How can we throw out such things!

    Fixing up a house for sale is a never ending task and your home will look fantastic and in your area the holiday season is right time to sell. Take lots of photos to remind you that you once lived in an organised, finished and beautiful place. And you will again!!!

    • They do indeed reflect the mood of Mme Pimp, but a certain longing for snatches of pink makes me think the gloom is lifting. And yes, I too wish (in a way) life could be that spare, but it just ain’t, is it? And who would want to miss out on the cartoon drawings of a 93 year uncle? Thank you for the encouragement – we went over today and remembered that it is a lovely house (and I’ll take photos of this one).

  2. It’s the home of artist & interior designer Monique Meij-Beekman. Her website is Voorhaven 7 . The fabulous photos though are by Jan Luijk.

    I do like the idea of dressing a house down. The problem with that though is that dress down fast becomes dress slovenly, dress slatternly and dress I can’t be bothered at all. A little like the RW is at present. Would save you bucket loads of money if you embraced the on trend faded decay look.

    • Thanks for the heads up Jo. All I needed was that little ‘7’ when searching.

      I think I’ll have to refine my (still somewhat blobby) idea of dressing the house down. Can’t have it sitting around in its holey vests, after all. That’s my prerogative.

  3. “It costs money too look this cheap” Pics above are very dark and sombre like Alice falling into the well. I am a little confused but sad news indeed if the mansion is to be “flicked”. A bit of common sense and seize the day will help us all turn the corner. Just don’t run off without saying goodbye.

    • I had to go back to see what I’d written, and now I see the confusion – it’s the present house that is to be given the flick (much sadness), not the one that can’t be lived in. Gosh, that would be too sensible! And no, I’d not go off without saying goodbye, if goodbyes were relevant, but I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for much more wittering.

  4. I am not sure whose rabbit hole I fell through to find you, but there you are. I pimp my house on a regular basis. If it doesn’t sell, go for the photo shoot. Your writing and vocabulary make my hair stand up. Yes, and I do understand the long gap between posts. Every time I let that happen, there is hell to pay. Come and visit me, so I remember to come back. Oh, and I like color in a big way.

    • Hello Liz and welcome to this particular corner of wonderland. Apologies for the hair, though. I’m still pondering what you mean by “if it doesn’t sell, go for the photo shoot” – I might need good advice of that nature in a couple of weeks. I shall take up your invitation shortly.

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