Dem bones

In my quest for ever more esculent ceramic work I came across this duo today – an English and a Dutch designer who met at The Royal College of Art in London. They call themselves Glithero, which I wish they hadn’t, because it’s somehow a dissonant word.   Not sure what I’d call them – artists/designers/performance artists?  They make chandeliers from wax, flammable paint installations, candles made by a serenely beautiful ceiling mechanism that lowers wick into molten wax.  They say of themselves that they aim ” to capture and present the beauty in the moment things are made” and if you visit their website you’ll see what they mean.

My favourite thing of all is their cyan ware – an ancient Dutch/English technique which allows them to imprint the silhouettes of weeds found in central london on ceramic pieces.

Or see here – a vimeo clip of them making a blue ware vase.  Oddly beautiful. And the circular and rather strange piece of music melted my bones and poured them, molten, into a dreaming pool.

4 Responses to “Dem bones”

  1. The music featured on the video is an excerpt from The Blue Notebooks by composer Max Richter. The full composition features Tilda Swinton reading excerpts from Franz Kafka’s Blue Octavo Notebooks.

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful. I have a fascination with natural blues. Indigo, woad. I have daydreamed of being a Tuareg tribesman or a Pict so I could be covered head to toe in blue. Thanks to for the introduction to Max Richter. I’m working my way through You Tube until I can lay my hands on a CD.

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