Well then.

Heritage came up trumps.  Gawd luv ’em.  Oy am a stoneaged, but even so we have it in writing, with rubber stamps and all.  The ocular proof.

We are allowed everything proposed, with barely a twiddle here and a twitch there.  Oh, and they’d like to see samples of the glass before we set sail on the Jungle Bathroom roof (grey glass).

So, as good as my word, because a promise is a promise

Never one to miss out, Big Boy bonneted up too

Miss Elsie, alas, became too excited and had to be removed (temporarily, natch) from the celebrations.

Of course, there is still the DA to go.  But that’s another day, another hat.

12 Responses to “Well then.”

  1. Congratulations – let the works commence!

  2. Oh well done. It seems too good to be true. xx

  3. Wonderful, may you keep being blessed by the “good fairy”.

    I found some wonderful rectangular grey glass tiles that reminded me of the French Grey tiles I really loved and used many years ago in a bathroom. That must have been an omen.
    I was thinking about them for our bathroom but they didn’t really fit but they might have be right for your bathroom. Let me know if you would like me to show them to you.

    I love the way you share!!!

    • I have no idea what we’ll do with the house – that all seems a bit distant even now – but I’d love to see the grey tiles. Do you have them or have you seen them?

  4. sue from sydney Says:

    How sweet. The happy optimism of the early stages. I can actually hear the house laughing.

  5. Dear Sue,
    Time for some optimism!!! Atleast at the beginning. I actually think this house has been waiting for such champions.

  6. I so wanted to find a quote about your success. Something more apt than hip hip hooray. I couldn’t find just the right thing. I did find this though. Nothing to do with your situation but a fabulous quote none the less 🙂

    The desire for success lubricates secret prostitution’s in the soul.
    – Norman Mailer

    Or this one ….

    Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem.
    – Henry Kissinger

    I’m a bundle of joy! Congratulations on clearing the first hurdle. The race is truly on.

    • Hey Ms Jo! I’ll take both those quotes, if I may. I fear the Kissinger is true and I LUV the Mailer. How very true. Reminds me a bit of Auden’s line about “lost innocence, who wished your lover dead”. Thank you for your enthusiasm – means a lot.

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