She came, she saw…

She was of a very respectable age and completely charming.

Of course that needn’t mean much, but I am hopeful.

My hat is in fear and trembling for its life.  But I’ll need the telephone call before I become a millinevore.


5 Responses to “She came, she saw…”

  1. The picture is stunning. The result of the Esteemed Architect’s clients even bolder. So brilliant to hear!!!

    • Thank you M&P, especially since I know you’ve had a less-than-straightforward time yourselves. It’s a very tentative optimism here; she promised to ring yesterday and didn’t. But we’ll see. Fingers are crossed around these parts.

      • A much happier experience is the Paint Consultant. Very knowledgeable, positive and terrific fun. We found we just learnt so much and he uncovered a wonderful Regency colour. You will love it!

      • Oh really? Is this an interior or exterior colour? My mind is whirling now!

        I did hear, from elsewhere, that our terrace may have a colour chosen for it, without our input. And that said Paint Consultant expressed the view that the outside belongs to the public. I must admit my very grumpy response (thought only) was that the public can bloody well pay to have it painted then. And then I (sort of) recovered myself. So I like your experience better, and choose that one!

  2. Oh dear! I did hear the same.

    Hopefully no-one has an opinion on our interiors. We still love Incarnadine.

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