Spring has sprung and the cose factor dwindleth.

Well! A veritable torrent of posts.

We seem to have sprung into Spring here.  Far too early, to my mind.  But though I lament the dwindling opportunities for socks and jumpers, for log fires and the huddle of cose, I do like all the floral tooting and parping that has begun.  My house is positively heaving with flowerful abundance.  A few snaps.

  That being the kitchen.

A rather exuberant bunch from the saltmines of Singapore.

You’d never see it from the pictures but these are the most delicate and beautiful golden showers.  Renamed, or so they tell me, for having interesting associations, but we plough on with the old one regardless.  Anyway, they were a little obscuring where they were so they nipped on over here.  :

The spare room:


And bathroom:

The usual apologies for the quality of pictures.  They really are bad!  I’m thinking I’ll ask for a camera from Father Christmas.  But then, of course, I’d have to learn how to use it…

Of course we’ve already established that I’m a slack tart of a blogger, but the study pic will now reveal that I’m not exactly driven on the housekeeping front either. Pictures of screen cleaner and broken phones on your blog pics!  Madam, where is your stylist!  Actually I had to do a lot of cropping to hide the bin liner-strewn floors, the open drawers, the randomly sprayed detritus of everyday life.

Oh.  Nearly forgot the almost obligatory picture of Mr Hound.  Snoozing under his own curtain of flowers:


17 Responses to “Spring has sprung and the cose factor dwindleth.”

  1. What a beautiful and artful house you have. I love photos and every detail … it is so “you” in so many ways.
    Lovely !

  2. Wonderful colours everywhere – just love the bathroom walls – are they a Mr Hound hue or more an aubergine? Very tantalizing also is the glimpse of the lady in the art work in the spare room. A beautiful room.

    Remington does look like he has a pretty nice life and that all in all he is pleased with the world.

    • They’re a Mr Hound hue. Black as black. As for the pic in the spare room – IKEA every few years commissioin one of Sweden’s top artists to do a picture for them, to be sold in a limited edition of 1000 prints. I saw this one featured in a magazine someone’s home in the UK. She mentioned she had bagged a spare, and I HAD to have it. So I tracked her down eventually and popped the question and between us we arranged to get it here.

      • Thank heavens you are blessed with persistence and a keen appreciative eye. The art is just beautiful and your new house will be a perfect backdrop to showcase these lovely works. One of our new residents we met recently is an artist from China (he is painting the attic ceiling to add an eclectic touch and brighten the years of Housing dull, flat finish). You may be kindred spirits.

      • Oh! I hope I’ll meet this man at some stage!

  3. sue from sydney Says:

    Fancy Schmanzy. Books look good.

  4. oooh are they great danes?
    the house is nice too

  5. And you are leaving this delectable abode for the ruinous pile of bricks? Simply lovely. So glad you took some photos. Now be a saint and go snap some more so I can upload them to my blog 😉

    • Ruinous – most certainly. Pile of bricks – it will be shortly if the powers that be don’t shift their harrises. I shall get Ms Pimperella to take some snaps of this place when she comes back from Jindabyne – she actually knows how to use a camera. And when she does, I shall send them to you!

  6. Baby Pimpette Says:

    mummy im jealous! it never has that many lovely flowers when im home!

  7. Really, really lovely. I think a few more pics are in order.

  8. Does Mr P always arrive back from the Saltmines with orchids? I know years ago you were able to bring them from the airport.
    Or did you welcome him home with your own form of Spring?
    I was totally envious of your abundance and what fun you must have had.

    • He does, until they get a bit boring, and then we have a rest. He orders them from somewhere which means you get golden showers and spiders, instead of the ubiquitous Thai restaurant variety. But even spiders and golden showers can sometimes be a bit cold and inorganic feeling (until they leap, dead, from their stalks in puddles of desiccated petals and then they feel plenty organic).

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