chez Herberts

As requested by M&A. 

I should explain that Danes have very short coats and dreadful temperature regulation. Because Mr Large has a certain tendency to steal and chew things when bored (terrible of me to mention it), he doesn’t get to sleep indoors.  Ms Elsie prefers not to for her own reasons anyway.  And up at the farm it does get significantly cold (hallelujah), so we bought them a house of their own on ebay.

One proud house owner. The other was too fidgety to stay still long enough to pose.

2 Responses to “chez Herberts”

  1. Pin-up poster proud as befits a star!!!

    The P house is elegant, fetching and it’s perfect architectural features engage with, challenge, and delight the mind. Remy and his girls’ is joyous fun and just steals your heart. Is there room for them on Grand Designs?

  2. Word has it they’re engaging an agent for just that purpose!

    He does look pin up poster proud. In fact he was being told to ‘stay. stay. stay’ and he was straining to be obedient! That not being his natural predilection.

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