Shooting stars

Time canters by on wild horses. Meanwhile, progress on the house is parcelled out in such small dollops that if it were food, we would die of starvation.  There seems to be a theme happening here.

However! While we wait we keep ourselves amused with a steady trickle of photo shoots.  I had a copy of this month’s Country Style ready to photograph, but inexplicably it seems to have swapped itself in my bag with another magazine.  The scurvy knave.  So I offer another instead, from this month’s Women’s Weekly. A rather poor offering, actually, all wrinkled as it is from bath or cooking steam.

Recently three actors from a television series came to be shot in 20s dresses.The puddles of bright colour against those faded walls looked incandescent. But there was a mysterious ‘incident’ in which one of the stars rushed off in a flunk and the rest of the crew retreated for a spot of anxious group exoneration in front of an unlit fire.  But was it because of… ?  I didn’t say anything wrong did I..? Do you think she..?

Of course the other thing we keep busy with while we wait is getting  the present house ready for sale before Mr Pimp goes off to the salt mines.  But that’s another post.


4 Responses to “Shooting stars”

  1. We have another small morcel at the house tomorrow – not sure if it is tasty or not, or even what course of the meal we are up to!

  2. suzanne Says:

    Manu looks like he is holding his crown jewels.

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