That was the week that wasn’t.

There have been better weeks than last week in the annals of time.  Let me just say that and leave it there.  

Except, maybe, to mention that the house’s Repairs schedule, guaranteed a two week turnaround,  has now lurched into its fifth.  We can feel it sliding ever further into the dark waters of silence.  A sign of things to come, no doubt.  Each week we’re told it will be the next week, and when that rolls on, the following.  For sure, honest guv’nor, stone the crows and strike a light.    

Enough of all that. 

Except just to mention that having seen Miss Pimperoony off for a season in Perisher,  we drove the four hours to the farm, found the bridge under water and so drove the four hours back again, the Herberts harrumphing in economy class, our stomachs harrumphing in first.  

And there were other sundry, eminently annoying things. But be still my moaning mouth!

Recently I have been liking aged mirrors.  The sort you can just discern your outline in, but none of the more annoying aspects of self.  There is probably a correlation between this growing liking and the passing of years, but enough of that too.

I’ve been thinking of this for the dressing room.  Mostly I like plain, but a bit of twiddle in a sea of plain can be a very nice thing.

 This is the house of decorating luminary Neisha Crosland, whom I had never heard of. But there you go. The doors are inspired by Marino Meo’s post-war Venetian palazzo.  I seem to have a thing for things palazzo atm.  Very out of keeping.

Here are some more of those Merciful Mirrors. I like this next one particularly.  Pink is a colour  I find alamingly often on the periphery of my vision. You know how, when you’re entering a phase dominated by a particular colour, you seek it everywhere?  I’m having that sort of peek-a-boo thing with pink at the moment.  And it is NOT of my choosing!

 And some more:

A while ago I enquired into the cost of antiqued mirror.  The answer was not a pretty sight.  I know there are DIY kits to be had.  Watch out for a blog tutorial featuring rubber gloves, fishing waders, disused baths and skin burns.


16 Responses to “That was the week that wasn’t.”

  1. Hi,

    Just love the boots, the movie star spotlight type light hanging and the snow white fluffy things standing in what looks like a pot holder in the Alex Wang photo. A very interesting room.

    Can totally commiserate about all the red tape and weeks of waiting around just a simple request, will they or not? we had a meeting today and the next update is scheduled for three months time – luckily that suits!!!


  2. penelopebianchi Says:

    Well……..I agree! Good grief! I was 14 years younger when we built out house here in Santa Barbara…..and I did “antique mirrors” in our bathroom!

    Just let everything fade………that is the reason I think our vision fades….don’t put your glasses on to look at your loved one’s face! It is lovely!

    It just softens…..

    Do put your glasses on in other occassions!

    Just not in the bathroom when you are brushing your teeth…..a little antiquing helps the antique.

  3. I like the dressing room doors, and Daphne Guinness. The rest has a bit of that “Best Hotels of the World” look . May I suggest you seat yourself down in front of the doco on “Valentino”. and refresh the spirit and the mind.

    PS: The designer not the dead actor.

  4. penelopebianchi Says:

    It is called Valentino: The Last Emperor

    • Thanks very much Penelope! I’d got it into my head there was an interior designer I hadn’t heard of called Valentino, and was searching for that. No wonder I could find nothing. I’ve even heard of this film, so should be able to find and watch it.

  5. I’m sure we were separated at birth. I have been hunting high and low on how to DIY this look myself so I can cover my “one day” upstairs bathroom walls (and then probably watch it come crashing off because of drummy plaster and old brick walls). Strangely enough it isn’t about stripping back but building up. Here is a link to a series of videos on YouTube.

    • Hi Jo – I’ll claim you as my long lost twin then!

      Thanks for the vid – it gives the impression of just being able to toddle down to the garden shed and knock up a wall of two of antiqued mirror, doesn’t it? And all before tea time.

      I did have a link to someone who makes it in Uhstraya and I was going to post it here, but I can’t find it anywhere. Not surprising, since my files are like a library where someone has got bored and turfed all the books onto the floor. If I do find it (or anything on the subject) I’ll let you know.

  6. And this! I just found this! Definitely something I can experiment with that does not necessitate the need for a hazchem suit, rubber boots and a respirator. Although that would make the neighbours take a second look as I paraded around in my “renovating suit”.

    • You could tell them you were a beekeeper.

      That actually looks doable. I think I might have a little go when I’m at the farm. I’ll report back when I do.

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