The house as agent of change. Discuss.

It seems, here in Pimpland, that we have entered a season of change. 

Me, I tend to be a bit of a change junkie, compelled to hurl myself at it as if into the path of an oncoming tornado. Mr and Miss Pimp, however, are by natural inclination somewhat change-averse.  They like to eat the same things over and over for breakfast. They like the feeling of a stable universe, of having a sense of what’s what.  So over time a sort of bi-seasonal weather pattern has evolved between us in which there are loooooooooooooong periods of calm, followed by periods of intense shake-up.  I don’t actually like change but I do seem to need it.  I’m that sort of person who loves it when weather disrupts train services and lunch breaks and Society As We Know It.  If I were fifteen and a half I’d call myself an anarchist no doubt, but I’m not and that’s all by way of a rather self-indulgent red herring…


The thing that I love and hate about change in equal measure is that it’s not a governable thing.  It’s an unruly beasty, is change. You can make space for it and invite it in, confident that it can be contained within your pre-designated co-ordinates.  But it never, ever works out that way.  It goes where it wants, snapping other spaces open around your ears, unfolding things quick-fire like some crazy origami trickster.  I often noticed this in my work – the therapy would help ignite the process of change  in a person and pretty soon there were reports of subsidiary changes happening all around them.

So the point of all this verbiage is that Mr Pimp is going to be taking a job for a year (or 18 months) in Singapore. (Funnily enough, he’s being brought in to implement change). Ms Pimp and I will be staying here.  She has university to start, when she’s done being a Snow Tragic (she teaches skiing), and I have to manage the house project.  It’s something we are all in eleventy minds about.  There are a lot of uncertainties about how it can be managed, worries about  just about everything,  but there is the one incontrovertible  banner blazing in the sky and what it says is ‘Spondoolicks’.  It will mean we can do the house without living in fear of the inevitable unforseens that will happen.  It will mean we can do it justice.  It might even mean (though I doubt it) that I can have my own version of the oxidised brass kitchen island that’s been floating in and out of every corner of the blogosphere.  (And that latter fact  ain’t going to stop me from flying it here).



10 Responses to “The house as agent of change. Discuss.”

  1. suzanne Says:

    Change is good. Separation needs tendering. The house dream is a beautiful (though material) one. If the Family’s spirit stays in tact – all is well.
    And in the words of Bette Davis ” Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride”

    • It soipently looks that way Suzanne. It soipently does.

      • There are a lot of ways to get an island to have that feeling! (with paint, I mean)
        And probably because I am an American…….(and madly in love with my husband after 36 years.)

        and completely discombobulated over the antics of the politicians……… my country……..(SHEESH !!!)

        I would just be too insecure and scared,,,,even knowing my husband……

        Horrible news……..and the men’s reactions are worse than the news…..almost.

        Alert to all men” guess what? Technology has completely shut down whatever naughty games you want to play. It is OVER. Hitting “delete” does not work.

        Isn’t it just so sad. I can hardly read the newspaper!


        oh I forgot my most important message.!

        I know the best “shrink” in the world. Her explanation of “mental healh’

        Your ability to adapt to change. change is the only constant in life. Except birth and death. change.


      • That was the definition I was brought up on too.

  2. Hi Mrs Pimp,

    No wonder A and I enjoy your blog so much – a kindred spirit, but maybe a much bolder and more daring one than us – change happens to us and it is sort of scary but we know we have to go with the flow, so your embracing attitude is to die for. Mr and Ms Pimp are very lucky.

    Love, love, love the island bench.


    • Gawd, I hope I didn’t give the impression that I don’t find it scary. I DO! Just drawn to it in spite of that.

      Glad you love the bench. This business of finding of the perfect things for the houses is hard, hard, hard.

      • We can both absolutely visualise the last picure of that gorgeous bench in the downstairs kitchen (without the wall). It would be just perfect.


  3. Change slows the inexorable trundle forward. Which is a good thing. So often we live day to day subsisting on the easy, the familiar, the comfortable. I love the easy, the familiar, the comfortable but sometimes my heart races with the excitement of change. The possibilities, the frisson of danger, the unknown as illicit drug. Rambling again. I’m back to lurking. Needed just to say that change is always good if metal kitchen islands are the result.

    • Hello Jo! You’re absolutely right of course; it’s that little sussurus of the unknown that whispers against the bones. I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie but I’m like you, I love the easy, the comfortable and familiar. It’s just that after a while routine becomes a deep, deep rut and those walls start inching in.

      And a big pre-breakfast guffaw to change-spawned metal kitchen islands! I can imagine stroking mine and saying “Baby, you are the child of Danger’! Lovely to see you – here’s to more breaks in lurking.

      • “Sussurus”… what a lovely word! In this case a sussurus of excitement I should think 🙂

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