Plately late.

Well then.  I’m as late as a plate with a new post.  As late as two plates, almost.  Soon there will be cobwebs and jungle creepers growing apace in here.  I won’t be able to get in. (Actually I do have a great deal of difficulty getting in anyway, but that’s more a case of mental than botanical tangles).

Apart from a touch more of the old ennui  and the burgeoning ceramics obsession, this tardiness is mostly due to the fact that nothing is happening with the house.  Nothing much above ground, anyway.  Deep underground in troglodytic Civil Serviceland there are now two files containing our applications, both maundering on Heritage people’s desks and no doubt collecting their own cobwebs. 

Everything seems to need continual nudging – our impatience grows until it overflows -> we nudge the architects -> their impatience with being nudged overflows -> they nudge Heritage -> their impatience with being nudged (theoretically) causes etc etc, you get the gist.  Except that there is not yet any proof that Heritage respond to nudging.  They have an infinite capacity to ignore, or so it seems.  In fairness, they’ve only had the applications a matter of weeks.  Some people have to wait months.  Frankly, I don’t know how they maintain their sanities in the face of such a fat, slack-jawed silence.  But they do.  And no doubt so shall we.  There will be a few chewed chair legs at the end of it all though.

On a livelier note, two photo shoots are scheduled for this week.  This afternoon a celebrity chef will have his snaps taken in some dusty corner of the house.  An interesting choice of location, in a house with no kitchen.  I thought of answering the door in a rhinestone-studded pinny and a sheaf of cooking questions, but since I can still only eat bone broths and meat casseroles (oh, and raw egg yolks and sauerkraut) I doubt my queries will be up to snuff. But anyway, these shoots are fun.  I like the dahlingbahlingness of them, the kissy kissy, the rush of energy  that unfurls itself  as they rush around  the house looking for those perfect transcendent moments.  And then the still, almost molecular hush that falls when the photos are happening. 

So anyway, the idea is that what the house earns, the house gets spent on it.  And so at the weekend, and in anticipation of monies to come, a little treat was procured.  I was out buying a present for a friend, actually, when I saw a chandelier which was impressively reduced.  I liked the modern take on the traditional and so without hesitation, deviation or repetition, it was purchased. You can’t really see, but it is made from wire and there is drippery attatched.


2 Responses to “Plately late.”

  1. penelopebianchi Says:

    Love the chandelier; love the philosophy……(when the house works; the house gets the money spent on it);
    Just be sure to change the light bulbs!


    I am sure you know……too big and too bright!


    ps love your blog!!!

    • Hi Penelope. Glad you like the chandelier. It was one of those ‘yes’ things which don’t need thinking about. And yes, the bulbs aren’t right. But they are, as they say, a mere bagatelle.

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