Poor old Portico.

Recently the portico has been leaning away from the house at an even more rakish slant  – like a dignified old gentleman somewhat in his cups, offended by his host.  I’m thinking silk scarf and evening wear. For some reason Quentin Crisp comes to mind, but he was far too urbane to be offended by anyone (oh how I loved Quentin Crisp).  Probably more Richard Harris.  Hair pushed distractedly back. Forgotten cigarette dangling from aesthetically nicotine-stained fingers.  I’m getting fanciful.

So anyway.  Like the cavalry come galloping over the hill at the last possible moment, the Government, gawd bless ’em, have finally come and given the old gent a helping hand.  Nothing to do with completion and possible lawsuits, of course.  Not that we would.

There’s a likely photoshoot happening in a couple of weeks.  They seem to like a few shots in the portico, these photographers.  I hope they don’t mind a tinge of Changing-the-Guard-at-Buckingham-Palace.

Photos courtesy of Ms Pimp and her new camera.


10 Responses to “Poor old Portico.”

  1. Baby Pimpette Says:

    Photos turn out nice dont they?!?!

  2. All you have to do is give it a distressed look and it will fit right in! Richard Harris is a Perfect Description. Did he once say that if he sat in the gutter with a glass (bottle) of wine, staring up at the stars, eventually the whole world would pass by.

    • It might be nice to test his hypothesis from the portico now it’s safe to sit under! Certainly I’d see a lot of Hens’ Night ladies, Historic Ghost Tour afficianados and Japanese tourists, if not quite the whole world.

  3. Oh I loved Quentin Crisp also! Divine!

    so glad the government……(as they should) come to help!

    As they should!


    • Yes, he was. And in his own words, one of the original ‘stately English homos’. We should have slapped a preservation order on him but we lost him to America, where he found the people politer.

  4. god bless, and god save a queen.

  5. Got a “Wignall and I ” feel if you ask me.

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