’til death do us…


So yesterday we took possession of the house. Every last brick, termite, neurotic stone, ravaged floorboard and leaning wall.  For poorer or poorer, for better or worse. 

We filled a sack with money, sent it to the government and signed a multitude of documents. We met two lady bankers – one tiny with a very large suit and one larger with a tiny suit. And then nothing happened!  There were no fireworks to commemorate the occasion

 no dirigibles trailing banners

 no champagne even because on this eating protocol I can’t drink.  Instead I toddled off to one of my potting classes, made four lumpish bowls and toddled back again.  All a bit of an anti-climax really. 

However and anyway, it’s ours.  Whatever that transpires to mean.


2 Responses to “’til death do us…”

  1. I am very excited to watch this post! I love your ideas; I am so excited with your ideas…..

    and I am totally scared by your cynicism….
    I am curious…and I wish you well!

    Good luck. and please keep me posted! I have signed up for everything!

    Good Luck!! again!!!!

  2. That’s me being wry. I’m saving my cynicism for later in the process! And thank you for the encouragement – much appreciated.

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