Misty moisty mostfulness.

Back to Sydney today.  Home again, home again jiggedy jig. 

We’re leaving the mouse wars mid-throes.  So far the toll stands at one fridge, one dishwasher, one hammock, two pillows and a day’s work cleaning and sorting.

Mostly I shall miss how everything is patting itself down for a rest.  I was thinking this morning that the images of spring and summer now blossoming all over the web are lovely, but just a bit disorientating if you’re living in the Other Hemisphere.

We’re just emerging from summer and for this pale-skinned Celtic type, that’s a wonderful, wonderful thing.   Australia you are beautiful, but your summers, swollen with heat to the point of bursting – nossomuch. I’m crawling with expanding heart on happy knees towards all that is misty, mellow and fruitful.  I can wear clothes again!  Socks!  Jumpers! Jackets!  I can see my huff in the mornings, light fires, go stamping about without feeling my flesh is in the process of melting off my bones. 

So, a few images for the sake of counter-balance.  I did take some pictures of the garden but then I lost the bit of wire that connects camera to computer.  Bits of wire and different sizes of socket – they are some sort of bane.




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