The kitchen files.

Before we got the house and there was a specific context for all my post-training sensory lust, I stashed away vast quantities of room images on my computer.  My hard-drive is stuffed like a hoarder’s attic (or, come to think of it, like the shed here, which heaves and groans with the evidence of our door-buying compulsion).  Now we have the house and its sandstone basement, most of my kitchen lusts have had to be put to one side.  The kitchen above, for instance, I would love, but for so many reasons couldn’t have.

A few more: 




10 Responses to “The kitchen files.”

  1. Want to unload all those old doors?

    email me!

    I started a website……that includes a blog.

    let me know about the doors!

  2. I wonder what the shipping would be from Australia to Pasadena…

    But if I got rid of the doors, I wouldn’t have an reason to build a house because whenever I buy an improbable door, I justify it by telling myself I’ll build a house and put them in one day!

  3. These are great- the first would have to be my favourite (happy wallpaper!)

  4. All of them are so pretty but I agree I especially like the first one!!

  5. truly Unless you have to HAVE a gourmet cooks kitch-this would be so delightful done up in a more catch is as catch can authentic- Duchess of Duke Street, BBC, any British period movie way. Consider it.

  6. Oooooh kitchen heaven. They are all lovely the first one is ‘happy’ I like the shiny lights as well as the walls. My fave is the one with the long plate racks.

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