Fenella Elms.

I’ve been enamoured of Fenella Elms’ ceramics for a while now.  They induce in me a yearning to float away, to eat them, to possess them, to squeeze the living daylights out of them. Really.

And when I discovered today that she too has done a psychoanalytical training and moved on from it, something made sense.  But not in a wordy way.  In the way of a door opening where there was only wall. 

This is what she says: “I undertook a psychoanalytical training and noticed that artists use the same language when describing the process.  There is a similar mindfulness; attending to the underneath and enabling what is hidden to emerge; forming new patterns in the apparent.  I worked in particular with groups in which the interaction of several awakened the individual: I notice that I cannot make something with just one part.” And I notice she takes the best of psychoanalysis and makes of it something luminous and fluid and alive.  It gives an old troglodyte who is still rolling in the mud a splash of hope to take in her tea!

And of her work: “I don’t take inspiration as literally as I think some do: I don’t sit down to make something that has a fixed link.  For example, even if I were given a brief, I would let it settle in my mind, consciously reminding myself of it and letting it influence my experiences for a few weeks and then when I go to make, I put the preparation away and try to act as a conduit for those experiences to emerge: I am alive to the possibilities but try not to interfere.  I am always interested in the resulting work but not surprised – it has a fresh familiarity; a new look at something very known.”

Oh, and I learned last week that The Architect is also taking a ceramics course.  So there you are.  Where?  There, of course.

4 Responses to “Fenella Elms.”

  1. littlebadwolf Says:


  2. darling daughter Says:

    i like them! make them mummy! the second pic down with all the wavynessness. i likey! make a giant one xxx

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