To get a Stylish Blogger award when you’re a couple of weeks off the block, when the ink on your banner is still wet, when you don’t know how to work the damned thing,  when you feel you’re muttering to yourself in the corner – that’s actually really exciting .  And when it comes from someone like the very singular Little Augury – well then! It was she who has (almost) turned me onto lavender, and she who has definitely brought home how art can inspire interiors (read here).  I thank you once, I thank you twice, I thank you once again!

So, as far as I understand how this works, I am to say seven things about myself and nominate seven other blogs? 

The nomination bit is a tad tricky because I have only recently begun dipping my toes in the blogowaters and I still know virtually nussing. So here’s it for now, and I’ll add more as I discover them.

Atelier Abigail Ahern

Cheese Slave.

Designers Block.

Gorgeous Shiny Things

Live like you.

Brazen Careerist.

The Design Files.

As for the seven deadly facts, I offer these up:

-Let’s get some of the bad bits out of the way – I can be high-handed, quick tempered, demanding, irascible, imperious, aloof,  impatient and fickle.  But not all of the time.

-I have an aversion to buttons which borders on the phobic.  I cannot touch (most of) them, nor look at them, and if you’re wearing any you sure as hell won’t be getting a hug from me.  Unless you’re Miss Pimp, of course.

via 2PEP.com


-I anthropomorphise everything.  Going out into the world can be as wringing as sitting through the Orestia, or Mrs Minerva or Beaches. That poor tomato, squashed!  That poor cow/poor aubergine/kangaroo/felled tree!  It’s exhausting.

-Some day soon I’m going to start a blog called “Can you put a saddle on that?”.  It will itemise the daily jokes I get when walking Remington. What you don’t know before you get a Great Dane is how they, as a breed, bring out the comedian in everyone. And what none of the comedians out there seem to know is that there’s only one joke in the whole collective compendium.  The horse joke. But I’m not as grouchy as I might sound. We love all the love, me and the Rem.  It’s just that my smile in response to the first daily iteration becomes more of a rictus by the twentieth. 

Remington after all the love.


-Until about 18 months ago I was working as a psychotherapist. I was eight years into my training as a psychoanalyst.  Then I found the courage  to walk away from all of it.  The work was good. And psychoanalysis is a great tool, but the institution of it, like the institution of most things, is full of conservatism and quasi-religious orthodoxies.  It made me ill, in the way that doing things which are wrong for you makes you ill.  So now I’m living a shapeless baggy life, with an eye out for what’s right.

-I’m stuck half way through writing a novel.  I’ve been stuck there for a very long time. Thinking about it is narcolepsy-inducing.

Reinier Gerritsen


-I have a large degree of of a pash for silver bracelets – the larger the better – which I endeavour to wear whenever possible.  But it makes it hard to sneak up on people.

BTW, I thought the innernets were supposed to be lawless?  I have not been able to leave comments on some blogs because, I am informed, I have “illegal characters” in my url.  Which I take to refer to  ‘pimp’.  Oh Place of Prudery!


13 Responses to “Ahem.”

  1. How fun I found your blog! thanks for the stylish blogging award. Loved reading your story…therapist and then you quit! Follow you heart and who cares about what anyone says. Your dog is adorable –looking forward to that novel!!

    • You’re very welcome, though I do hold you single-handedly responsible for my ever-burgeoning auction habit, and for the pieces of treasure now sitting in the garage waiting to be beautified!

  2. Now there, pimps are not merely legal, they are essential. And they just LOOK like characters so they can have their picture taken.
    Your comments and your frnd Remington, btw, are truly cool.

    • But my characters aren’t wearing raincoats or shades or bling, or whatever is de rigeur for pimps.
      Your comment made me laugh – I hope you pop by often to peruse the wares.

  3. But I just did, and I am awaiting moderation….as usual.

  4. friendandfaux Says:

    it was Little Augruy that brought me here several days ago. and you were and shall be an immediate” favorite”. and then tonight,,,,,,,silver bracelets, you had me again, dogs,ancient houses, buttons good buttons bad,,,I am hooked, pimp or not please keep blogging

  5. Oh God! I think you are the best!

    I love when the house “works”!
    In Pasadena we had a complete occupation for the house! Jennifer Aniston’s first cover (from some dreaded magazine, I think) had her “flying” (actually hanging from the most uncomfortable contraption) over our house! at least 20 years ago!!!

  6. Your house is amazing…I love its decaying beauty. When I was little I dreamt of playing in houses like the ones you secretly met your boyfriend in. Have you seen pics of those grand old buildings left abandoned in Chicago? The mind boggles.

    I’ve got a feeling your novel would be a good one.

  7. Friendandfaux, Penelope and Kylie – a big hello and welcome. Thank you for the comments. It’s so nice when people speak back!

  8. I am stunned and struck by your bracelets, for I too have a similar fetish, and let us be real and call it that, and I often wear so many that only the presence of elbows limits me. Do you perhaps also favour Mandarin Nail covering extensions?

    • I’m not sure if I understand correctly what you mean, but if it’s the long and elaborate, often jeweled, silver nail protectors worn in an older China – then I do! (Though I have yet to sport one). I did attempt to make a link to a picture of one, but I’m still somewhat duff at all this and have failed miserably. I also have a bit of a thing for very large tribal silver neckware (wear?), and have been known to wear those out too, but less often.

  9. as behind as can be with keeping up with some of my fav blogs. Must work on one or two a day. You are very stylish indeed.

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