behind the scenes

We’ve had two photo shoots at the house this week, and another to come on Sunday.

Yesterday was In-Style magazine, shooting three women who are all successful in their fields.  No photos allowed for fear of scaring the horses.  Lots of ooohing over the house, however.  Very gratifying for a lovelorn owner.

Today was another kettle of fish.  About ten people of all shades of funk, shooting pictures for the Aje label.  Pictures not only allowed but positively encouraged.  Not that it helped my photographic skills to be weilding my tiny little digital Box Brownie in the company of Travis and his superwhopper appendage.  But anyway.  He was a lovely bloke with a similar taste in reggae to me, and moreover, has promised to send me some of his pics. 

So.  With a small flurry of ahemming…

The crew

The merch…

The make-shift make-up balcony…

the talent…

and the conundrum (how many assistants does it take to change a shoe?)


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