No idle claim

So, just to show the title of this blog is no idle boast, no whimsical piece of flim-flammery, I have been pimping the house for photo shoots.  Mostly because I love it and want everyone in the world to see it. Last week Mark, from searchpartylocations came around and took many photographs for his records, and this week we have two fashion shoots happening.  Since the government still technically owns the house for another two months,  permissions had to be secured.  I think they’d have preferred an historical tv drama to lurex leggings, but they’re down with it.

Here are some of Mark’s photographs. They almost make me want to not renovate, but the idea of falling through floors knocks the romantic out of me. 

I tried to crop the watermark out, but then the proportions weren’t  good.  So if watermarks are the price of better photographs,  I’ll live with it.

I like that one.  It shows the subsidence, termite damage and damp off to advantage.

That wall on the left is wooden framed convict bricks.  There’s a technical name for it which I can’t remember.  The bricks were never fired to high enough temperatures and over time tend to crumble to a fine, red dust.  What with that and the neurotic stone, you wonder where it’s all heading.  In fact you know where it’s all heading – so you wonder when.  And then you try not to fret.

There are many more.  But I’m tired of cutting and pasting.  For now.


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