Will we have rainbows/ Day after day…

People ask what style we’ll do the house in when it’s no longer  falling down and I say it will depend on what the house’s personality reveals itself to be.  That can lead to some pitying looks, but houses do have different personalities.  I’m talking about that slug of feeling you sometimes get when you first enter a new house.  Or the atmosphere that pools around you when you sit alone in a room.   

One place we had in London was built in 1690 – all wig cupboards, panelling and carved door cases.  Beautiful but SO bossy.  It would only tolerate old music  (Purcell preferably);  none of that modern nonsense. It was a house you needed good posture for. It was prim and deadly proper.  The neighbours were restoration tragics who scolded you if you used a modern colour and who probably wore period costume to bed (but not in a fun way).

I don’t want this house to be like that. 

Beyond that is a mystery.

So, in the spirit of wondering, could this:

and this

and this

scrub up as this

sorry, saved aeons ago without credit details

 or this

or this

or this

Or something altogether different?


6 Responses to “Will we have rainbows/ Day after day…”

  1. a very exciting and ambitious obsession, this one will certainly have a lot to say. look forward to your tale of the regency wreck . congratulations.

  2. Thank you. I like ambitious obsessions best – lots of space for the lunacy to wander in. More to come shortly.

  3. interesting. i like the idea you are not beholden to the past.
    take the regency style but do something new. do something different but glamorous. thats what they would do if they were alive today…. i think thats so much more interesting and imaginative than a boring slavish reproduction of the past
    good for you! i look forward to seeing what you rustle up.
    where did you reside in lovely london? we suffer similar problems with the neighbours moaning on about our use of non-authorised farrow and ball colours
    poo poo i say, i dont want to live in a museum – no thankyou

    • We lived in Barnes, Clapham Jnctn, Warren St, Barnes and Richmond. Richmond was my least favourite area but the house there was the most interesting (William and Mary). I love London and I miss it. I’m very sad about what it’s going through at the mo.

      And I completely agree with you – a slavish reproduction isn’t my cuppa. Big question is – the nature of the ‘something new’ to be done with the house. Bouts of intense pontificating happening here!

      I’m assuming you’re living in an old house from your comments about neighbours. F&B is quite popular here, though no-one stocks the paint

      • Oh yes … It is in Spitalfields. So I could instantly appreciate the humour of your post above. Crumbly old shack dragged into modern era. Love of Abigail Ahern and Naomi cleaver hasn’t gone down well. Stumbled across your blog and taken by your achingly beautiful wreck and writing style – only then noticed your Danes. Fabulous. Oddly we also have a black pup dane called Ralph so it appears to be fate that I should subscribe to your blog immediately and watch your restoration drama unfold. Good luck fr

      • I must immediately declare my envy of your house in Spitalfields! We wanted to buy there just before the area became fashionable, but didn’t have the requisite dosh. When I talk about going back to London (which I do, often) I always imagine myself living there. But it’s probably outside our scope again. Your love of Abigail Ahern in combinationwith a Spitalifields house I’ll bet has made for a very interesting house. I’m imagining Down Pipe and a general level of moody intrigue. And as for Danes – aren’t they…I’m groping for a suitable word and find none (it’s late; I’ve been throwing bad pots). Remington is very debonair and raffish (as well as being a cuddle junkie). I imagine him with a pipe and deerstalker. Ralph is a wonderful name.

        And thank you for the intro to Naomi Cleaver – I’m casting about for ideas and she’s very interesting.

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